A Luxury Smoking Experience

Toke Tonic is the first water pipe liquid scientifically designed to be better than water in every way!


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What Is Toke Tonic?

Toke Tonic is a terpene-infused water designed to enhance the overall smoking experience! It’s a 100% FDA Food Safe edible formula that can be used in any bong, rig, bubbler, or hookah.


Terpenes are 100% legal plant-derived active ingredients that deliver unique flavors & powerful effects. Toke Tonic is the best way to add terpenes to each toke!

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Colder-Than-Ice Hits

Unlike water, Toke Tonic doesn’t freeze or expand when you store it in your freezer. Discover the chillest smoking experience that science can deliver!

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Cleaner Tokes

Keep ash/tar off your piece and out of your lungs, all while enjoying smoother hits! Do you like scientific glass? You’ll love the benefits of scientific piece water!

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