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Get Smart About Getting High!

Toke Tonic is a scientific bong-water that’s designed to enhance your high and improve the overall smoking experience!

  • Terpene-Infused
  • Does Not Freeze! Colder-Than-Ice Hits
  • Increases Potency Of THC
  • Decreases Side Effects Like Paranoia
  • Absorbs More Ash & Tar
  • Creates Smoother Tokes
  • Keeps Your Piece Clean

How Terpenes Boost Your High

As you may already know, terpenes are the 100% legal & safe active ingredients that give cannabis strains their stativa/hybrid/indica characteristics. Recent research  has shown that whole-plant resin, even though it has half the amount of THC in it, is actually more potent than pure THC extract! This is possible because terpenes produce an entourage effect which boosts the potency of THC.

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals that are very sensitive to heat. Even the heat from your nail and/or bowl is able to destroy many of the terpenes in your bud! This is part of the reason why lower temp smoking methods like edibles and vaporizers help you get higher off less bud.

Toke Tonic adds terpenes into your bong water so that they by-pass the heat of your bowl entirely. You can actually taste the terpenes in Toke Tonic, and they’ll enhance the effects of anything you smoke!

Usage Instructions

Step 1 (optional): Store Toke Tonic in your freezer so that it’s colder than ice when you are ready to use it. This provides an extra chill experience!

Step 2: Pour at least 1-2 ounces into your piece. Add additional water as necessary to fill up your piece and/or reach your desired flavor level. We recommend using 100% Toke Tonic for the best experience!

Step 3: Get more stoned off less bud while enjoying smoother smoke! Discard once the bong water turns black and/or loses the terpene flavor.

What Effects To Expect

Average smokers usually say that using Toke Tonic makes their bud feel 2x or 3x stronger! Insanely heavy smokers with very high tolerance, the kind who smoke dabs every day, usually say that they only notice a moderate boost in the strength of their bud.

Just like with strains, adding terpenes will effect everyone differently. Some people will notice much stronger “boosting” effect than others, but there will always be some level of overall enhancement, even if it’s just minimizing side effects like paranoia. However, Toke Tonic will also cool your smoke (especially if you store it in your freezer) and help keep resin from building up in your bong!

Terpene Profiles

Each Toke Tonic bottle contains the Terpene Profiles of Blue Dream , OG Kush , & Pineapple Express  mixed in a 1-1-1 ratio. This blend of organic, non-GMO Terpenes add uplifting, euphoric, relaxing, and energizing effects that will balance your high while elevating your mood.

Unlike the cheap “terpenes” you may find in your local smoke shops, we source our terpenes from the same trusted supplier that the top professional extract manufacturers use. These are the same terpenes used to boost the effects of the best extracts on the market, and now you can include them with anything you smoke!

Is Toke Tonic Safe?

Yes, Toke Tonic is safe!

To prove it, let’s review the ingredients:

  • Terpenes: These are the only molecules added to your smoke by Toke Tonic, and they are exactly the same terpenes already found in cannabis!
  • Water & Citric Acid: Toke Tonic is mostly water, and the Citric Acid (found in lemon juice) is a safe and natural way to keep your piece clean.
  • PG & VG: Since terpenes don’t mix with water, we use these food grade carrier liquids to make sure that just the right amount of terpenes are released with each toke. These carrier liquids are used in everything from vape oil to food products, and they also keep Toke Tonic from freezing!
  • Food Coloring: This is literally just to look cool! It doesn’t stain glass, but it over time can color old resin stains if your piece was dirty before you added the Toke Tonic. If you notice any blue, just clean out your piece with rock salt and isopropyl alcohol until it’s clear again. Dirty bongs can grow nasty bacteria!

All this said, please don’t drink Toke Tonic, pour it into your eyes, or otherwise actively try to hurt yourself so that you can sue us. It’s only designed to be used in your bong, and we don’t have any money because we spend all our profits on weed!


Distilled water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, all-natural terpenes, and artificial colors

*This product isn’t meant for consumption, but the food-grade ingredients are 100% safe and toxin-free!

This shit is GREAT FOR PARTIES!! Everyone get's crazy high without getting sleepy or paranoid!

BLEW. MY. MIND. ...I tried it with some cheap buds and I couldn't even make it through half a bowl! I usually need to smoke two bowls to get this stoned!!!

It doesn't really get me more stoned, but I smoke at least 3 dabs every day and have very high tolerance. What I do love about Toke Tonic is that it helps me not get paranoid, and I love the taste!!

My favorite thing to do is take it out of the freezer and I use like 1/4 the bottle to fill up my whole bong...That first ice cold draw is FREAKING INCREDIBLE! The only problem is when I run out and have to go back to using stupid plain water

Toke Tonic


  • Enjoy Cooler & Smoother Hits
  • Keeps Your Piece Clean
  • Increases Potency of THC
  • Reduces Side Effects Like Paranoia

20oz is enough for 50-75* blissful bowls

*Using 100% undiluted Toke Tonic. Stretch a bottle further by mixing with water!
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