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The WORLD'S FIRST Terpene-Infused Water Pipe Solution

A unique & revolutionary water replacement solution created to solve smoking's age-old problems so medicinal patients can get more therapeutic benefits out of their products.

Toke Tonic Variety 4-pack

Enjoy the most therapeutic inhalation experience you've always dreamed of!

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If you've ever...

Wanted to get more value out of your products

Finding a way to make your products last longer, save on your monthly budget, and afford the therapeutic products you need each month is an ongoing struggle and concern for you.

Wanted a less harsh and struggle free inhalation experience

Tired of the harsh, painful, and barbaric feeling smoking process resulting in you having to find ways to make it more pleasant or rejecting the process completely. Leaving you wanting a less harmful way to can get the results you need without the negative consequences.

Needed more therapuetic boosting effects

You often don't receive enough potency from the products you purchase leaving you frustrated and needing better, stronger, and more therapeutic results.

Needed a way to block resin

You're frustrated and tired of buildup in hard-to-reach places with tedious and invasive cleaning processes. Leading you to long for an easier way to clean, soak, and reduce resin from building up in your piece.

There IS a solution for you!

And If You've Wondered...

We have an answer for you!

  • How an I make my smoking experience smoother?
  • How can I get more potency out of my product?
  • Is there a way to taste less ash when I smoke?
  • Is there a way to make my vapor cooler without ice?
  • How can I smoke without all the negative side effects?
  • Will I always have to struggle to get the therepuetic benefits I need?

Toke Tonic is created for your all of your needs

No Matter Who You Are In Life
We Created A Solution Just For You

If you're...

A Medicinal/Natural Health Advocate

Who cares about what you put in your body and avoids harmful synthetic treatments for your symptoms or conditions. Believes in the healing power that nature can provide and doesn't want any unnecessary or dangerous side effects. Is an advocate for plant therapies and has experienced their therapeutic benefits and results. Wants a way to get all of terpenes' natural properties in a safe effective way.

A Veteran, PTSD or Mental Health Patient

Battling a chronic condition, needing pain relief, or the ability to regulate your body or mood from the instability of mental health. Need helpful therapies so you can have the energy, focus, and relief to navigate your daily life, complete a full day's work, enjoy moments with your friends and family again, and play with your kids. Are struggling to get the support you need or afford the therapies necessary to create a new functional and manageable post-service life. Want more potency out of your products to maximize benefits so your out-of-pocket care goes further.

A Chronic Illness Patient

Struggling to manage your symptoms from moment to moment so you can try to live a full life despite your chronic disease. Have to budget monthly to ensure you can get all the therapy you require for the relief you need. Forced to endure a harmful and painful inhalation process that can worsen, aggravate, cause additional damage or have fatal consequences for your condition.

A Working Professional

With a long list of responsibilities from work, to home, to raising kids, to your personal life. The stress, demands, and needs of you are overwhelming at times. There is a constant need for energy, focus, being alert, attentive, and on at all times. A person who requires something to help mentally and physically allow you to show up and navigate the day without feeling groggy, anxious, or hungover.

A Recreational Consumer

Wanting an elevated experience each time you smoke so you can take a load off, spend time with friends, and make the most out of each moment. Who enjoy's finding and trying the newest thing that can take your inhalation experience to the next level. And long for the day to not have to work so hard for each toke, get more of the feeling you're after, want to taste something other than just the ash from your strain, want a cool-looking liquid that you can smoke through, and find a way to get ice-cold vapor each time so you can escape from the daily grind and share a unique experience with your inner circle on a Friday night!

I love Toke Tonic, the way it enhances my medication
and the taste are the main things I enjoy."

Erick B.Erick B.Verified Buyer

Toke tonic is the best bong water I've used. I will be buying more!"

Jesse R.Jesse R.Verified Buyer
Toke Tonic Variety 4-pack

How It Works

Toke Tonic products are terpene-infused water-based solutions. They are created to replace the terpenes you naturally burn off in the smoking process and add them back to your vapor as well as provide extra terpenes for maximum therapeutic benefit. Toke Tonic is made as a water replacement and solution to smoking's biggest issues. Our products are used in the same way you would any type of water or liquid in a water pipe.


Toke Tonic's profiles add a light fruity flavor to the background of each inhalation replacing the taste of ash and tar and feel of burn helping to reduce coughing. Along with the harshness-reducing aspects of our formulas, Toke Tonic has an extremely low freezing point allowing you to experience ice-cold vapor every time. It also has a resin-reducing component that helps to alleviate the buildup of residue on the inside of your piece while you use it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Process

Due to terpenes being so delicate and not naturally water-soluble our unique formula holds on to terpenes allowing them to be released along with your vapor adding back the terpenes you lost and then some so you get ALL your products' benefits and more! Toke Tonic's innovative solution not only holds on to terpenes but also acts like a sponge holding on to other particles like ash and tar as well creating the cleaner, smoother, and cooler experience we've been known for.


Simultaneously the terpenes in Toke Tonic as well as in the product(s) it's used with are naturally increasing the potency and therapeutic benefits you get from the entourage effect that happens between the terpene, the cannabinoids, and your endocannabinoid system. Because of the increased potency you receive, you inevitably need less product or tokes to reach your desired effect. Enabling you to feel higher or more medicinal relief depending on your body type or condition.


This key feature helps to elongate your flower or concentrate allowing you to receive more of the therapeutic benefits from the product(s) you paid for. 

User Instructions

Toke Tonic is not created as a concentrate. It is made to be used by itself for maximum affect.

Though it can be mixed with up to 50% water to adjust flavor and prolong product life.

Store In Freezer

Place Toke Tonic in freezer for the most refreshing colder-than-ice hits each time and to preserve terpene quality. Product can be stored room temperature in cool dry place for smooth cool hits. 

Fill Water Pipe

Use Toke Tonic to replace tap water or other liquid in water pipe. Fill to appropriate water level keeping enough space as to not enable splashback.

Enjoy The Experience!

Sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy the cleanest, smoothest, coolest, most therapuetic inhilition experience around. Know that from now on your frustrations, struggles and complaints have finally been answered.

Toke Tonic Can Replace The Need For...




Flavored Drinks

Additional Supply

Cleaning Time

Sounds Amazing, Right?

Experience The Benefits Of Toke Tonic Today!

What You'll Get

Choose a 12oz or 20oz bottle or 3-pack of ANY (3) of our unique profiles.

Original Profile

This formula is a hybrid profile with a light fruity flavor that blends into the background of whatever you're smoking, making it perfect for everyday use. Enjoy a unique blend of tropical flavors and delicious scents to enhance your strains profile and effects.


Our first and classic profile is best used for a balanced effect any time of day that delivers a mix of both Indica and Sativa terpenes to your vapor. We recommend starting with this flavor if you are new to Toke Tonic!


Each bottle contains the full terpene profiles of OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Pineapple Express.


Key Terpenes: Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Pinene.

Sativa Boost Profile

This formula has an orange creamsicle flavor that blends into the background of whatever you smoke providing you with a delightful citrus aftertaste and a lasting boost of energy without a crash. We recommend using this product if you want a boost of Sativa benefits to enhance or balance out your mood.


Great for everyday use when you need some extra energy, focus or terpene benefits to get you through the day. This profile is perfect to get social and share with friends for uplifting good times!


Each bottle contains the full Sativa terpene profiles of Clementine, Green Crack, and Durban Poison.


Key Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Ocimene, Humulene, Limonene.

Fresh Mint Profile

This formula is a hybrid profile that delivers a delicate minty freshness that blends into the background of whatever you're smoking. Enjoy organic peppermint with a hint of sweet orange, and feel free to mix in some Toke Tonic Original for a custom creation or add water to adjust the level of mint to your preference.


The balanced effect and cool mint flavor of this profile is a great way to mix up your routine and add a refreshing feeling to any of your favorite strains.


Each bottle contains the full terpene profiles of OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Pineapple Express.


Key Terpenes: Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Pinene.

Indica Boost Profile

This formula has a yummy grape flavor that blends into the background of whatever you’re smoking. Like all of our profiles, it helps replace the flavor of ash and the taste of burn making it perfect for therapeutic everyday use. We recommend using this profile if you need the relaxing and relieving benefits of Indica.


Perfect for those moments when you need an extra boost of relaxation, pain relief, and an overall calm feeling without all the grogginess. 


Each bottle contains the full terpene profiles of Tahoe OG, Zkittles, and Granddaddy Purple.


Key Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool, Alpha Pinene, D-Liimonene, A-Caryophyllene, B-Caryophyllene


20oz Custom 3-Pack

20oz 3-pack

Choose Your Profiles

12oz Custom 3-Pack

12oz 3-pack

Choose Your Profiles


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Toke Tonic Variety 4-pack

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Let us know. Send us back your unused product and we'll refund your purchase - Guaranteed!

With a 99.9% satisfaction rate, we're sure you'll have an inhalation experience like never before. Try us today!


Contact us. Tell us your issue. We'll send you a return label. It's that simple!

What People Are Saying

Usually when I take dabs they’re very hot but with the toke tonic it was very cold and smooth, the terps definitely do there job.

JAY R.JAY R.Verified Buyer

I wasn’t expecting the indica boost to work that well just likeall the others hits smooth and tastes good and makes the overall high awesome thanks

Jeremy C.Jeremy C.Verified Buyer

I love this stuff. It helps not to burn my throat. I keep it in the freezer. I used the sativa boost with an indica dominant hybrid and it was a really great combo!

Denise S.Denise S.Verified Buyer

I love the tonic It adds a nice flavor, it’s better than ice (when chilled) and I believe the terps infused act as a little “booster” to your experience

John B.John B.Verified Buyer

I love your original flavor! I use Toke Tonic in everything that can hold water...my pre-percs, my bongs, my Puffco Peak, even my vape pen perc from Pulsar!!! I love your product! I recommend this to everyone I talk to and keep hounding my dispensary to carry it!

Michael BMichael BVerified Buyer

Better than the actual product is the customer service and my personal favorite part is the personal note with every package. I hope that doesn’t stop when this product begins to get big. Because I will definitely be using this in my bong.

GersonGersonVerified Buyer

I was skeptical at first but once I used toke tonic I couldn’t stop. Toke tonic keeps my bongs clean and the blue water makes my bongs look even cooler! I recommend toke tonic to all of my friends and the ones that have bought it have all been amazed with it!

Austin P. Austin P. Verified Buyer

This made a vastly noticeable and positive impact on my smoking. WOW. I don't think I'll ever just use water again. It knocked me on my ass in the best possible way. I love this stuff. Totally made my birthday 100% better.

KSKSVerified Buyer

I have used many products that claim to stop the build up of res in my bong, but most of these solutions you have to mix with water. I liked the time tonic because it was a whole bottle of the res blocker and not just a small dropper bottle of liquid I had to water down.

John L.John L.Verified Buyer

I love this product. It not only adds an amazing taste to my smoking experience it keeps my pieces cleaner longer. The ability to take the rig out of the freezer then use it is a party starter for sure!

Justin M.Justin M.Verified Buyer

Best water you can put in your smoking device hands down if you a real smoker and don’t have this you are not a real smoker..

Andy G.Andy G.Verified Buyer

i enjoy the cold of the water and it really takes away the throat burn. i will be buying again for sure. i used the gary payton strain and it was the highest i’ve ever been

Jordan F.Jordan F.Verified Buyer

With Toke Tonic You'll Experience...

Increased Product Potency

From terpenes natural boosting properties

Decreased Negative Side Effects

By terpenes natural  reducing abilities

Relief of

As a result of our unique formulation

Less Inhilation of Ash & Tar

With our sponge-like solution collecting more debris inside your piece and out of your lungs

Replaced Ash Flavor

Delivering a light fruity taste of terpenes in the back of each inhale 

Reduced Coughing

By removing irritants and tasting less ash our solution creates reduced need to cough

Colder-Than-Ice Vapor

  Able to reach temperatures lower than ice without freezing you'll enjoy the chillest vapor around -

No Ice Needed!

Smoother Inhalation

By creating cleaner, cooler, and easier inhalation you'll experience the smoothest process ever imagined!

Reduced Resin Build-up

With our all-natural resin reducing ingredients you'll enjoy less build-up while you smoke

Increased Product Lifespan

Having more benefits and potency you'll get more out of your supply helping it stretch farther

and last longer

Elongated Budget

Allowing you to get more out of the products you have so you don't have to restock as often

Try "The World's First Terpene-Infused Water Pipe Solution" TODAY!

The Experience You're Looking For Is Here

With Toke Tonic You'll...

Go from THIS...

To THIS...

Resorting to synthetic, harmful & toxic remedies to deal with your condition

Finally able to use cannabis and all its therapeutic benefits for treatment

Feeling paranoid or anxious every time you inhale cannabis

Feeling the euphoria and relief from terpenes benefits when you inhale

Experiencing the feeling of hot burning ash going into your body

Feeling relieved knowing less dangerous ash is being absorbed into your body

Wondering if your strain will give you the relief you need

Knowing you're getting more of the therapy you need out of each product

Experiencing painful coughing & chest aches each time you inhale

Having a bigger, easier, and more effortless inhalation experience

Tasting chard ash after each inhale

Tasting the light fruity flavors of terpenes after each inhale

Feeling frustrated using multiple tools & cleaners to reach and remove stubborn resin build-up

Having a smoke through product that helps resin from building up inside your piece

Feeling heat & burn down your throat with each inhalation

Feeling a soothing & relaxing sensation with each inhalation

Breathing hot blistering smoke into your lungs with each inhale

Breathing refreshingly smooth, tasty, ice-cold vapor with each inhale

Worrying you're not going to have enough supply at the end of the month

Having a surplus of products at the end of each month

Stressing out wondering how your product budget is going to fit your needs

Restocking your supply less often while still getting the therapeutic terpenes you need

Toke Tonic Variety 4-pack

There's no better time to try...

The WORLD'S FIRST Terpene-Infused Water Pipe Solution

Created to solve smoking's age-old problems, provide the therapy you need, and give you the experience you have always dreamed of. 


The answer is FINALLY here!

It's time to experience the way smoking should've always been!

...And if you're feeling Controlled by your condition



Being held back from enjoying your life due to your chronic pain

Being stuck at home trying to manage your anxiety & depression

Feeling unfocused, overwhelmed and lacking enough energy to get through your day

Having a cringeworthy, burning, chest heaving, cough filled inhalation experience

Feeling stressed and hopeless believing there is no way to get more therapy out of your medicinal products

Being unable to calm your nerves, feel rested, relaxed or get all the sleep you need when you need it

Wondering how to get the terpene therapy you need out of your budget-friendly strain

Not being able to enjoy spending time, playing or keeping up with your kids

Not being able to sit for long periods of time enjoying your friends & family

Being unable to spend hours enjoying your favorite hobbies anymore

Spending time with your loved ones again by having manageable pain

Leaving your house to hang out with your friends & family again

Have the energy, clarity & readiness at work and at home to complete your todo list!

A cleaner, smoother, tastier, and virtually effortless inhalation experience

Feeling the full power that the terpenes in your products have to offer

Being able to sit peacefully, breathe deeply, nap regularly, or have a full night's sleep when you require it

Getting all the terpene therapy you paid for and more out of even a low-grade strain

Enjoying spending hours running around the house or the yard playing games with your kids

Having long conversations & making memories with loved ones again

Finally completing your passion project and finishing the stack of books on your shelf

A Little Background...

The Idea

With experience in the holistic space and herbal medicine, we have a wealth of understanding about plant therapy. Understanding the benefits of terpenes in food, nature, and cannabis made us want to find a way to help people maximize their benefits. Knowing how harmful, difficult, and laboring the smoking process can be we wanted to create a way to enhance the therapeutic attributes of terpenes while finding a way to solve smoking's age-old problems. We think we did it!

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds found in fruit, plants, and trees, and even used by certain insects.


If you’ve ever caught a whiff of sage, lavender, oranges, or cannabis, you’ve smelled terpenes at work. The fragrant molecules are what give plants, flowers, and trees their distinctive scents, from earthy and floral to citrusy profiles. In general, their function is to support the plant's immune system and the well-being of the plant's life, such as attracting pollinators, warding off predators, and helping plants recover from injuries — and they’re also really good for your health too!

How Do terpenes work?

When terpenes are consumed they interact with your endocannabinoid system creating the entourage effect which allows you to feel their therapeutic effects. 


They can actually boost physical health as well as mental health benefits. Different terpenes are known to provide different benefits both to the mind and body. Some may offer cleansing and cosmetic benefits while others can help alleviate pain.


Terpenes have a wide range of health benefits and have been studied for numerous medical applications.

Why will you never receive all the terpenes
you paid for?

Terpenes are delicate compounds that burn off easily with heat. Each time you light your bowl a portion of your terpenes naturally burn off in the process never allowing you to take full advantage of all their benefits. 

Who Is Toke Tonic For?

Toke Tonic Is Perfect For You If...

You want to get your monies worth from your products

You need more therapeutic benefits for your condition

You want a more pleasurable smoking experience

You want more potency out of your products

You want all the terpene benefits out of your strian

You've always wanted to use water-pipes but never enjoyed the harsh experience

You want to elevate your inhalation experience

You care about using quality products to get your therapy

You need something faster than edibles to get your relief

Toke Tonic Is Not For You If...

You enjoy not getting all the benefits you paid for

You're content with not getting all of the therapeutic benefits for your needs

You want to keep the barbaric experience that's always existed

Your fine with not getting all the potency you're supposed to

You're okay with getting only a fraction of the terpene benefits from your strain

You're not into water pipes and prefer the harsh feeling of smoking

Your happy with a subpar experience

Enjoying the experience of quality products has never been your priority

You have the time to wait for your edibles to finally kick in

Ready For The Way Inhalation Should've Always Been?

Try The Most Unique & Revolutionary Experience Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Burning Questions? We've Got Your Answers.

DOES TOKE TONIC REALLY WORK?Yes! We have a high satisfaction rate with our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the great reviews on our website, product pages and Instagram.

WHAT MAKES TOKE TONIC BETTER THAN WATER?Terpenes provide all-natural therapeutic benefits and reinforce/balance other active ingredients like cannabinoids when smoked. Unfortunately, they are very delicate aromatic compounds that are easily destroyed by heat. Toke Tonic replaces the terpenes lost to the heat of your bowl/nail and takes your inhalation experience to a whole new level!

We’ve designed Toke Tonic to deliver a cooler, smoother, cleaner, and tastier experience while adding therapeutic terpenes that make sure you get the most out of your products.

Water was a great option when it was the only option, but now there’s something better!

IS TOKE TONIC WORTH THE PURCHASE?If you’ve taken the time to read this far, you already know that the answer is yes!
Considering the fact that one 20oz bottle can absorb the ash and tar of about 14 grams of average quality plant, the cost of a bottle is small compared to the cost of the plant it’ll be enhancing. If you buy a 20oz 3-pack, then Toke Tonic adds up to an additional $1.07/gram. This means that for an additional $1.07/gram you’ll have a tastier, stronger, colder, and smoother inhalation experience while not needing to wash your piece as often.
In addition, many people find that Toke Tonic helps their supply last longer, meaning that they end up saving money on their monthly budget.
Even if you don’t use Toke Tonic every day, it’s an exciting product to keep on hand for special occasions and enjoying with friends!

IS TOKE TONIC SAFE? WHAT IF I DRINK IT?Toke Tonic is made from 100% non-toxic edible FDA Food Grade ingredients. The only thing Toke Tonic adds to your lungs is extra terpenes and is safe if consumed.

That said, there is no good reason to intentionally drink something designed for a water-pipe. The raw terpenes and all-natural resin-reducing ingredients make Toke Tonic taste very sour and bitter. We recommend not loading your piece so high that Toke Tonic splashes into your mouth.

DO YOU STILL NEED ICE WITH TOKE TONIC?No, you don't. Because of Toke Tonic's low freezing point, our solution can actually become colder than ice and replace the need for it entirely. Even at room temperature Toke Tonic will cool your smoke and provide a smoother, easier, and more refreshing experience.

DOES TOKE TONIC ADD A FLAVOR TO WHAT YOU SMOKE?Toke Tonic is made to replace the taste of ash and tar with a unique assortment of flavorful terpenes blending into the background of whatever you smoke. It also helps to relieve the feeling of burn and taste of ash. Most people find it provides a pleasant taste to the end of each toke.
Toke Tonic Original profile has a light tropical fruity flavor, Fresh Mint adds hints of Peppermint for a refreshing minty effect, our Sativa Boost has an Orange Creamsicle flavor for a tasty citrus experience and Indica Boost brings a yummy grape flavor to your toke. Many customers enjoy mixing our products to customize the flavor to their preference.

HOW WILL THE TERPENES IN TOKE TONIC AFFECT ME?Terpenes affect everyone differently, similar to how medical cannabis strains affect everyone differently. Average consumers usually say that using Toke Tonic helps them stretch their supply a minimum 2x longer!

On the other hand, very heavy smokers with high tolerances may only notice a mild or moderate boost in potency. The good news is that adding more terpenes will always add some level of overall enhancement, even if it’s just minimizing side effects like paranoia or contributing to a more well-rounded experience.

WILL TOKE TONIC WORK FOR ME?Because everyone's body processes differently results may vary. Similar to a strain our products may be more potent for some and less for others.

Those with an average tolerance are likely to benefit from all or most of Toke Tonic's features. Those with higher tolerances, or that do not naturally experience negative side effects like paranoia, may receive less of the potency or therapeutic aspects of terpenes. Even if you don't need all the terpene benefits you will still receive the cleaner, smoother, cooler, and resin-reducing features of Toke Tonic.  

CAN I USE TOKE TONIC WITH CONCENTRATES?Yes, Toke Tonic works great with concentrates! Since concentrates create less ash or residue our formula can last up to 3-4 times longer with concentrates than with other products.
Concentrate manufacturers add terpenes to the final product to replace the terpenes lost during processing. However, many terpenes are destroyed by the heat of the nail during normal consumption. Toke Tonic is the most effective way to add back those terpenes that are lost so that you get the most out of each toke!

CAN TOKE TONIC BE USED WITH TOBACCO PRODUCTS?Yes, Toke Tonic works well with tobacco products that are consumed through water pipes like a hookah for example. Though you will not get all the therepuetic benefits you recieve when using cannabis you will still recieve a smoother, cooler, and easer experience while reducing resin buildup.

CAN I DILUTE TOKE TONIC?We recommend using 100% Toke Tonic for the best experience, but it can be mixed with up to 50% water to reach your desired flavor, customize your experience, or elongate the product.

WHAT TYPE OF WATER PIPES DOES TOKE TONIC WORK WELL IN?Toke Tonic is designed to work in all water pipes from bongs, to rigs, and even hookahs.

CAN I USE TOKE TONIC WITH MY TYPE OF WATER-PIPE?Our products work great with all types of water pipes and especially well with rigs as they produce less ash and tar leaving little residue allowing the water to stay fresher and beneficial longer. It works even greater with an electronic device.

We only officially recommend Toke Tonic for usage with glass water-pipes, but customers have enjoyed Toke Tonic with a wide range of pieces. That being said, Toke Tonic is non-toxic and non-reactive. It uses all-natural ingredients to reduce resin buildup. If you would feel safe putting a colorful citric juice into your water-pipe, then Toke Tonic will work fine.
The only known issues are that water-pipes with anodized aluminum parts can lose their color/coating over time due to the natural acids in Toke Tonic. And some rubber elements may tint in color but generally wash off easily after use. This is only applicable to parts in direct contact with Toke Tonic over prolonged periods of time.

(With all devices, materials, and smoking habits being different results can vary.)

HOW LONG DOES TOKE TONIC LAST?We recommend using Toke Tonic within 6 months for best results, but it can last for much longer if stored properly in your freezer. Generally, our customers love our products so much that they rarely make it that long!

To ensure longevity store Toke Tonic in a cold dark place. Do not store Toke Tonic in direct sunlight. Sunlight will destroy terpenes over time. You can place Toke Tonic inside your piece and in your freezer, as our solution will not freeze so you can enjoy an ice-cold experience anytime!

We recommend replacing Toke Tonic as soon as the water turns dark or loses terpene flavor. Replace within a maximum of 6 weeks or less based on usage habits.

A 20oz bottle of Toke Tonic can absorb the ash and tar of about 14 grams of average quality plant before it needs to be replaced. This estimate can vary depending on the quality of plant, the design of your water-pipe, personal preferences, and usage habits.

HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO CHANGE OUT TOKE TONIC?Because smoking habits, product type, and usage are different each person's replacement frequency can vary. That being said, we recommend changing out Toke Tonic once the solution turns dark and/or loses terpene flavor. That can be daily for some, weekly or otherwise for others.

Replace within a maximum of 6 weeks or less based on usage habits.

WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO STORE TOKE TONIC?Toke Tonic should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light. For best results store Toke Tonic in the freezer to preserve terpenes and ensure ice-cold inhalation each time.

Though Toke Tonic looks amazing in all light, we recommend not to subject it to prolonged exposure to light as it degrades the terpenes and therefore the potency, benefits, and key attributes that the terpenes and Toke Tonic provide.

WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS IN TOKE TONIC?Toke Tonic is made from 100% non-toxic and edible FDA Food Safe ingredients: including all-natural botanical terpenes and a proprietary blend of carrier liquids found in a wide range of commonly used food, beverage, and personal care products.

WHY IS TOKE TONIC COLORFUL?The color in Toke Tonic helps to differentiate between the product profiles and flavors. It also looks amazing inside pieces adding to the fun, elevated, and customized experience that Toke Tonic brings.

IS TOKE TONIC LEGAL IN MY STATE?Yes! Our products do not contain CBD, THC, or any other controlled substance. Terpenes are naturally found in every plant or fruit, from a rose to an apple, so they are safe and do not fall under the restrictions of cannabis products.

IS TOKE TONIC AVAILABLE FOR SALE OUTSIDE THE USA?We are currently available for sale via our website to the U.S. in all states and territories, and slowly resuming to our Canadian customers in all provinces. You can also find us in a smoke shop in Bergen, Norway, and Newcastle, England. See our Store Locator for more info on all of our retailers.
Our team is working on expanding our footprint internationally as we scale. We are still a young company, but we expect to be adding more countries soon. Please follow our Instagram (@toke_tonic) and subscribe to our email list to get updates.

For information on our Wholesale and Distributor programs both domestic and internationally fill out the respective form on our website.

HOW LONG DOES SHIPPING TAKE? HOW CAN I TRACK MY SHIPMENT?Orders are typically processed and shipped within 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays), and are shipped with 3-5 day delivery via USPS or FedEx. Due to the pandemic, we have seen deliveries up to 7-10 days. International shipping times may vary.

You’ll get an email with tracking information once your order ships. If you don’t see your order confirmation email after completing your purchase, be sure to check your spam folder and make sure to mark our email “Not Spam” to enable our shipment tracking emails to reach your inbox.
If you run into any issues or your order is delayed for any reason, make sure to reach out to us at info@toketonic.com.

HOW DO I KNOW THE ORDER I PLACED WENT THROUGH?Once you place your order AND it has gone through successfully you will receive an email confirmation that indicates your order has been placed and will provide you with an order number. Check your email to ensure you receive a confirmation as this is your indicator that your transaction has gone through successfully. Adjust your filters and check your Spam folder to ensure our notifications reach your inbox.

If your order has failed after payment has been submitted you will receive an error notification indicating so. Please check to ensure your order information correctly matches your information on file with your card issuer or bank.  Failed orders generally come from the card issuer or bank account information not matching the transaction information (it can be as simple as the difference of typing in "Drive" vs. "Dr."). If the issue persists contact your financial institution to find out the reason why this has occurred.

WHY DID I RECEIVE A 'FAILED ORDER' NOTIFICATION?Failed orders generally come from the card issuer or bank not allowing the transaction to process for one reason or another. Ensure that all the information submitted when placing your order is accurate and matches the information on file with your card issuer or bank (it can be as simple as the difference of  typing in "Drive" vs. "Dr."). Our system has strict security standards that help to cut down on fraud and discrepancies in information may cause these filters to trigger.

Common reasons card issuers mark transactions as failed:

- The card info submitted does not match the card issuer or bank records. (This may happen if you have       recently moved and have not updated your information yet.)
- The card info submitted has a typo causing it to mismatch the card issuers or banks records. (Double-       check address info, this is usually the culprit.)
- The card issuer or bank’s security filters have been triggered.
- The credit card processing system was down, unavailable, or experienced a delay at the time you               submitted your transaction.
- Any number of reasons. Contact your card issuer or bank for more details.

I PLACED AN ORDER, WHY HAVE I NOT RECEIVED AN ORDER CONFIRMATION?If you believe you have placed an order and have not received an order confirmation most likely it is because your order was canceled. Order cancellations happen when your checkout window has exceeded the amount of time to accept and process payment. If you submitted payment information and clicked ‘Place Order’ you may have done so outside of this window and therefore your order information was not properly processed. This can happen if you have left the checkout page open or idle and came back to it at a later time.

If you find this has happened, refresh your window or add your items back to your cart and resubmit your order information, then click ‘Place Order.’ Ensure to do this in a timely manner as to not incur the same issue. If the same problem persists contact us at info@toketonic.com, via our contact form or chat window during business hours and we will be happy to assist.

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