Usage Instructions

Loading Your Piece

Shake well before each use! Pour Toke Tonic into your water-pipe to its normal level. We recommend using 100% Toke Tonic for the best experience. For large pieces you can dilute with water up to 50% or a 1 to 1 ratio.


Store Toke Tonic away from direct sunlight. For the best experience, we recommend storing in your freezer so you have super-cooled tokes waiting for you whenever you want!

Replacing Toke Tonic

Toke Tonic soaks up ash and tar keeping it out of your lungs and off your piece. Replace once it turns dark and before it turns black to keep your piece from getting dirty.

Toke Tonic lasts longer with concentrates as they have much less to filter out. You can choose to replace Toke Tonic once the terpenes are depleted or continue usage without.

Tips & Recommendations

  • Use an ash-catcher to make Toke Tonic last even longer!
  • Want the coldest tokes possible? Try loading your piece with Toke Tonic and then leaving it in the fridge for 2+ hours.
  • Avoid loading your piece so high that Toke Tonic splashes into your mouth. Though 100% edible and non-toxic, it tastes bitter from the terpenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Toke Tonic better than water?

Terpenes provide all-natural therapeutic benefits and reinforce/balance other active ingredients when smoked. Unfortunately, they are very delicate aromatic compounds which are easily destroyed by heat. Toke Tonic will replace the terpenes lost to the heat of your bowl/nail and take your water-pipe experience to a whole new level!

We’ve designed Toke Tonic to deliver cooler, smoother, cleaner, and tastier hits while adding terpenes that make sure you get the most out of whatever you smoke. Water was a great option when it was the only option, but now there’s something better.

Does Toke Tonic really work?

Yes! We have a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the great reviews on our Instagram page (@toke_tonic).

How will terpenes affect me?

Terpenes affect everyone differently, similar to how medical cannabis strains affect everyone differently. Average smokers usually say that using Toke Tonic helps them stretch their supply to last 2x longer! On the other hand, very heavy smokers with high tolerances may only notice a mild or moderate boost in potency. The good news is that adding more terpenes will always add some level of overall enhancement, even if it’s just minimizing side effects like paranoia or contributing to a more well-rounded experience.

Is Toke Tonic safe? What if I drink it?

Toke Tonic is made from 100% non-toxic edible FDA Food Grade ingredients. The only thing Toke Tonic adds to your lungs is extra terpenes, and is safe if consumed.

That said, there is no good reason to intentionally drink something designed for a water-pipe. The terpenes make Toke Tonic taste very bitter and the all-natural citric acid make it very sour, so we recommend not loading your piece so high that Toke Tonic splashes into your mouth.

Does Toke Tonic add a flavor to what you smoke?

Toke Tonic Original has a light fruity flavor that blends into the background of whatever you smoke. Most people don’t notice it after a few hits.
Toke Tonic Fresh Mint adds hints of Peppermint and Sweet Orange essential oils for a refreshing minty effect. Many customer enjoy mixing with our Original Flavor to further adjust the mint flavor to their preference.

Why is Toke Tonic blue?

Because it looks cool! Check out the awesome videos on our Instagram page (@toke_tonic).

What are the ingredients in Toke Tonic?

Tonic Tonic is made from 100% non-toxic and edible FDA Food Safe ingredients: distilled water, citric acid, food coloring, terpenes, and a proprietary blend of carrier liquids used in a wide range of commonly used food, beverage, and cosmetic products.

Where can I buy Toke Tonic?

Toke Tonic can be purchased via this website were we ship to anywhere in the U.S. and can be found at a handful of select smoke shops across the country. Check out our Store Locator to find a shop near you!
We are definitely looking to increase our footprint as we scale, feel free to recommend us to any local smoke shops you would like to see us at!

Is Toke Tonic available for sale outside the USA?

Our team is working on this! We are still a young startup, but we expect to be adding more countries this year. Please follow our Instagram (@toke_tonic) to get updates.

Is it legal in my state?

Yes! Our products do not contain CBD, THC, or any other controlled substance. Terpenes are naturally found in every plant or fruit, from a rose to an apple, so they are safe and do not fall under the restrictions of cannabis products.

How long does shipping take? How can I track my shipment?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays), and are shipped with 1-3 day delivery via USPS or FedEx. You’ll get an email with tracking information once your order ships.
If you don’t see your order confirmation message after completing your purchase, check your spam folder and make sure to mark it “Not Spam” so you receive our shipment tracking email.
If you run into any issues or your order is delayed for any reason, make sure to reachout to us at

Can I use it with my type of water-pipe?

We only officially recommend Toke Tonic for usage with glass water-pipes, but customers have enjoyed Toke Tonic with a wide range of water-pipes.
Toke Tonic is non-toxic and non-reactive, but it does use citric acid to reduce resin buildup. If you would feel safe putting lemon juice with a little food coloring into your water-pipe, then Toke Tonic will work fine.
The only known issue is that water-pipes with anodized aluminum parts can lose their color/coating over time, due to the citric acid in Toke Tonic. This is only applicable to parts in direct contact with Toke Tonic over prolonged periods of time.

Can I use Toke Tonic with concentrates?

Yes, Toke Tonic works great with concentrates!
Concentrate manufacturers add terpenes to the final product to replace the terpenes lost during processing. However, many terpenes are destroyed by the heat of the nail during normal consumption. Toke Tonic is the most effective way to add back those terpenes that are lost so that you get the most out of each hit!

How long does Toke Tonic last?

We recommend using Toke Tonic within 6 months, but it can last for years if stored in your freezer.
When you load your water-pipe with Toke Tonic, we recommend replacing within 6 weeks and not storing your piece in direct sunlight. Sunlight will destroy terpenes over time.
A 20oz bottle of Toke Tonic can absorb the ash and tar of about 14 grams of average quality plant before it needs to be replaced. This estimate can vary depending of the quality of plant, the design of your water-pipe, personal preferences, and usage habits.
We recommend using 100% Toke Tonic for the best experience, but it can be diluted with water to help it last much longer!

How much water can you add to Toke Tonic?

We recommend using 100% Toke Tonic for the best experience, but you can dilute it by up to 50% with water to reach your desired flavor level and preference.

Is Toke Tonic worth the price?

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, you already know that the answer is yes!
Considering the fact that one 20oz bottle can absorb the ash and tar of about 14 grams of average quality plant, the cost of a bottle is small compared to the cost of the plant it’ll be enhancing. If you buy a 20oz 3-pack, then Toke Tonic adds up to an additional $1.07/gram. This means that for an additional $1.07/gram you’ll have tastier, stronger, colder, and smoother hits while not needing to wash your piece as often.
In addition, many people find that Toke Tonic helps their supply last longer, meaning that they end up saving money on their monthly budget.
Even if you don’t use Toke Tonic every day, it’s an exciting product to keep on hand for special occasions and enjoying with friends!

Do you take wholesale/distributor orders?

Yes! Please reach out to for more details on our wholesale/distributor pricing.

Do you have any coupons/deals?

Yes! Follow our Instagram page (@toke_tonic), and within 12 hours you’ll receive a direct message with a coupon code and instructions for following our backup Instagram account which publishes regular deals and coupon codes.

How do I know the order I placed went through?

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